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This is a painting by John McLean that I have in one of our hundreds of boxes waiting to be unpacked. The colours on this picture don't do it justice as it is brighter than it looks here. I read about John McLean's painting in 'Which Way Up with John McLean'

and I was pleased to read that he says he has no idea when he starts a painting what the outcome will be.

I have been going to an art group and have no idea either but I imagined a 'real' artist would somehow have some great creative plan or vision for what they were trying to achieve. I have been using watercolour so the colour is more translucent than oils or acrylics:

Those are some of this week's efforts. I bought some gouache which has more opacity and I'll try using both to get some stronger colour. Not that i'm unhappy with the watercolour but I'm going to try some more solidity with the gouache.

It will be good to get all our paintings up on the walls. I am impatient to get all the work done in the house although we are waiting

for things like floor sanding before we can unpack. So we're living mostly in the kitchen which has a dining table and room for a

couple of comfortable chairs by the wood-burner; no reason to complain then (apart from not having enough space to write my blog

without distractions, hence rather short post this week). Although we do have the big telly set up in the living room for important

viewing like Love Island ! Martin refuses to watch it though and I haven't yet met anyone else who does, even though it has millions

of viewers.

I've also spent the week thinking about paint colours and have chosen mostly greys, apart from a couple of additional colours for

walls in one bedroom - probably Reverie, an archive colour from Farrow and Ball. I have also been looking at blinds and love this

cloud print from Timorous Beasties:

It's probably good to spend time thinking about colour and less about tendonitis (although that cloud has the colour of my ankle in it) and other ailments. Other good things that I'll write about next week are my Hans Wegner dining chairs which should be delivered today, our Bengal cat visitor and the North Norfolk Open Studios we've visited. And it's the first of the local village fetes tomorrow.

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