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Not much......

The noisy sparrows we have nesting in our eaves made me think of this nice felt bird I have. It also has its own nest but it's all still packed away until we get the floors done next month.

So....nothing much has happened this week re lungs. I had a frustrating visit to the hospital for my cardiology appointment as I've just been put on the waiting list (again) for an angiogram. An example of NHS madness; why do you have to go back on a waiting list just because you’ve moved area? Anyway, wait is another 6 weeks which I hope won’t coincide with our summer holiday in France.

I’ve continued to be preoccupied with paint colours and as the bedrooms are pretty much finished I’ve turned to the little sitting room, which I’ve claimed for myself. (Martin will be shut away in his own studio / dark room which he's going to create). Pink Ground will either be a subtle delicate blush or a hideous peach. I won’t be able to tell until it’s on the walls but I’m going to risk it.

Other than the hospital I had a nice family visit:

And friends Pam and Lee stayed last weekend which was action packed, with the village fete and wood-fired pizza in the village hall. Then a concert in the church by the students of the Purcell School. Lovely version of The Swan by Saint- Seans -which made me want to cry- and a fantastic Nutcracker on piano by a Lithuanian pianist. And lots of other good things by students from all over. Cheering in the Brexit gloom that we at least still welcome foreign students.

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