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Trundling along......

This is a good image - by my niece Flora- for how I feel; no energy and a bit green about the gills. There is still no progress ; until I have the angiogram I can’t proceed with Papworth. The wonderful NHS has reached it’s 70th birthday but is suffering from such underinvestment that it’s not able to deliver what we need. And as everyone knows - already, so I’m just repeating it here- it’s just racking up problems for us all. People like me with serious long term conditions aren’t going to get any better and delays in treatment will just mean deteriorating health, more complexity, and increasing demands on the health services. And I don’t have time to waste hanging around; the longer I wait the less chance I have of getting a transplant and/or of it being successful.

To add to the funding issues apparently the new Papworth site currently being built is having real difficulties with staffing as the new location is in an area that is too expensive for staff to afford to live. No-one of course is ever held to account for this sort of foolishness. Although there's always hope: i’ve just signed the petition calling for Esther McVey ’s resignation. She blatantly lied to parliament over the universal credit report despite the head of the audit office attempting to ensure she took responsibility for it’s failures. But again she just showed utter contempt for both tax payers and parliament with no-one in government is holding her to account.

Sorry about the grammar and sentence construction 🔨 !

I should have called this week’s post ‘pissed off’ as I have a few rants. In my wheelchair at the hospital I noticed a number of people staring as I got the chair in and out of the car with the hoist. I reckon it was in awe of my zippy chair and hoist but please, gawping is rude! Great word though and it means just that: ‘Slang. to stare open-mouthed; gawk or gape’, and as I said ‘stare openly in a stupid or rude manner’.

I’m reaching the final episode of Staircase on Netflix and although gripping it’s appalling to watch and just awful to see the main character age so badly. Although the filming takes place over 15 years he looks bludgeoned by time and stress. I have felt old- looking this week and worried that I have had a sudden decline. Despite a major trip to London last weekend for a new haircut and some skincare products I haven’t felt revitalised at all, even with a nice family lunch:

Maybe too much sunlight is putting everything into more focus than usual. What to be done though, apart from drastic surgery (ha ha). Apparently Megan from Love Island spent 25k to look like she does, not that I’m comparing myself! I now have a What’s App group (thanks Greg) for Love Island so I’m able to find those important things out without going online which would make me feel I was becoming overly involved.

The house decorating is going along nicely; I have a lovely pink sitting room, although can't sit in it yet as the floors aren't done and we're still unpacked. Today we are going to find some reclaimed floorboards and after another trip to the dentist- a different one as the first was hopeless with disabled access and she was also rude to the dental nurse- we are going to an auction to raise money for the church roof which was stolen.

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