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Team Dani

Thanks to my friend Greg for sending this pic of the bar staff's t-shirts at the pub in Essex where Dani works! Yes I’m team Dani. Ends tonight for those of you not up with the zeitgeist.

Now that I have my angiogram appointment I’m thinking about what I need to do to be ‘surgery ready’. That’s rather than beach body ready which isn’t going to happen, even though I may not be able to avoid getting into a bikini in France. Mind you on the family beaches there you’re more out of place if you do have a fit bod. Now that I have a stair lift - it’s a bit like getting the train to go to the kitchen in the morning, especially when I go past the big window looking out into the barley field - It’s even more important to try to do some exercise. The wait here for pulmonary rehab is lengthy so I’ll have to try to get help elsewhere; not sure where as personal trainers are expensive and not necessarily experienced in rehab.

I now have a rheumatology appointment in September - the day after my angiogram- so I hope that can do something about my bones. I also need think about other things I may need to have done before any surgery including the dentist.

One thing I need to do is make sure my teeth are all ok ie no major dental work needed. I went to the most expensive dentist in the world who produced a plan for all sorts. Most alarming is the root canal work I’ve already had but there might be an abcess in there; I can’t bear the thought of having to have that sorted. I am convinced that I’ve become increasingly less tolerant of pain as I get older. it might make sense to think that you build up a pain threshold and get used to it but it feels more like ‘no more!’

I had my nieces visit last week and we went to the shire horse sanctuary although they have lots of other rescued animals including sheep and goats. turkeys and ducks, rabbits, donkeys, mules and ponies and alpacas. They have pigs including one described as ‘living rough’ when it was found; a herd of goats from people who started a goat farm but couldn’t bear to have them slaughtered, and others rescued from people who mistreated or abandoned them. All now living happily (am I allowed to say, ‘if pointlessly’?!) together in the sanctuary.

We also went to Cromer pier which is half covered by a massive old fashioned pub. A few children catching crabs and a chip shop. The beach had plenty of holiday makers swimming and lying on the sand and making the most of the hot weather. Damp sand is my idea of hell though.

The garden is looking very scrabby and dry as is everyone else’s garden I guess. So i’ve been making a list of plants I want including a climber rose ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’ , mock orange, wisteria (maybe if it’s a white one) lavender, clematis and a ceanothus (possibly, thy look lovely when in flower but that doesn’t last long and then they suddenly keel over after a few years). And some bulbs although I’ve no idea what we may have already.

Work on the house has come to a standstill as everyone seems to be on holiday or if not they're working to Norfolk time which seems to be a variation on mañana. Which may be catching hence the delay to me getting this post out.

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