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This is a particularly nice view from the back of the house and taken from my stairlift; almost worth getting one installed just to look out on the landscape. It’s lovely on a bright day like this one.

Just as the weather has changed we’re heading off for south-west France and some more sun. Despite the heat and dry there is still lots in the garden to enjoy, and so many plums they’re weighing the tree down.

Other than the garden I’ve enjoyed watching a Rose Wylie documentary on iplayer. I like that she is 84 and is celebrated for her paintings which I love for their very modern-looking take on life. Her paintings are the sort that attract the ‘my 5 year old could do better’ comments but that are in fact very difficult to do. Here is PV Windows and Floorboards by Rose Wylie, 2014:

© Rose Wylie and Union Gallery

We have finally managed to get someone to sand our floorboards while we’re away so I’m looking forward to coming back to a transformed house. We'll then be able to crack on with getting our shelving installed and finally unpacking. Can't wait to get some paintings on the walls.

I won't be blogging from France so will post again in early September. Bon vacance!

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