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This is a nice abstract - Untitled (1970) by Joan Mitchell - that I found when I was looking for ‘abstract expressionism’. I was talking to Jane at the painting group about what I would paint if I used oils and Jane mentioned abstract expressionism. If that is art as expression of self then I guess that is what my art is.

I have recovered from my angio (although still have a nice bruise). Clare has written a 'healthy heart' recipe- next post- in tribute!

Papworth(have said they need to evaluate my angio results so I’m still waiting to hear about the next assessment.

The copy of a letter I have from the Papworth consultant also includes a diagnosis of ‘NYHA Class 3’ which I looked up and is the New York Heart Association classification of chronic heart failure.

When did I get that ?! I'm thinking that it's what it says it is in terms of 'functional classification' as it relates to breathlessness rather than some whole other health scare.

Anyway, the good thing is that we’ve made progress with the Vitsoe being installed, albeit with a slight setback due to the wrong measurements for some of it. But at least we can start to unpack some books and paintings. And clothes, although there are boxes and boxes of stuff that I've accumulated and I need a major wardrobe cull.

I have got some oils and small boards and I’m going to start some oils this week. here are some paintings- two of my watercolours on the top, Franz Kline Lavender Rust (1957) bottom left and Willem De Kooning Villa Borghese (1960)

I shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath! They are gigantic artists, but I'm referring to them for inspiration rather than comparison.

I watched WHICH WAY UP with John McLean on which is also inspirational although he's not one of the abstract expressionists like Kline and De Kooning. He's a different generation (still alive) and abstract in a different style. One curator says his paintings should be prescribed on the NHS in every hospital as it would save a fortune on drugs bills and another says that looking at his pictures is like flying.

I got my first (I have 4!) John McLean from the Cross Street Gallery (sadly now closed but still trading online) in Islington several years ago. I saw it in the window and had to have it despite having no money, so the owner Mark Wilson let me take it away with a few post-dated cheques. Mark has a fantastic eye for art and I could never go in to his gallery without wanting something in there.

At least I have no hospital appointments this week, just hoping to hear from Papworth ....

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