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This is such a nice picture by my niece Flora I thought it should be the star of the blog this week. The girl in the picture is Iduna Idun (also spelled Idunn, or Iduna) in Norse mythology the goddess of spring or rejuvenation and the wife of Bragi, the god of poetry. She was the keeper of the magic apples of immortality, which the gods must eat to preserve their youth.

It was our wedding anniversary this week; 6 years since our lovely wedding in Kent. We had champagne and flowers to celebrate:

In case of confusion the cardigan is nothing to do with the wedding anniversary! I was pleased to finish knitting this for Suzi’s lovely new baby Emma who we met for lunch on Sunday. Emma is only 9 weeks old and very curious.

I am still battling with oil painting. These are some paintings/ prints by Helen Frankenthaler:

I look for inspiration but I want to avoid copying as what’s the point in that really? The whole point is to create something of my own. Hopefully I’ll manage something worth putting on the blog soon. One difficulty with oils of course is that they’re so messy that I put them in the bin if they’re not worth keeping. As I’m using very small boards and now paper it’s easier to do that than to keep something drying for a week.

My own ‘studio’ room is almost ready so once I’m installed in there I’ll be able to paint more and to keep more things.

I’m still getting through the first series of Making a Murderer even though season 2 has hit Netflix this week. I’ve found it almost unbearable to watch as I can’t stand the sense of injustice. It’s also full of American law enforcement men who are without exception appallingly badly dressed and groomed. I guess that wouldn’t matter if they were less single minded in their efforts to convict the ‘murderer’ before he’s been found guilty. But there is something repugnant in their appearance that matches their shabby approach to justice. I’ve had to start watching it in the day as I was so wound up by it couldn’t sleep.

I loved Killing Eve so I'm pleased that there's going to be a second series. There was a good article in the Guardian 'From fridge to nagging husbands; How Killing Eve upturns sexist cliches' (unfortunately I can't get the link) which nicely describes the ways in which the hero (herione?) Villanelle is a fantastic feminist psychopath. There is so much wrong with that sentence!! i 'll leave that with you for this week.....

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