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The glums

I like this picture of this huge painting being installed ( A crew installing Helen Frankenthaler’s painting Guiding Red, 1977… in the mezzanine of World Trade Center II." ( I can't imagine painting anything that big. It's also a good image of my struggles to paint anything at all!

I have yet to get anywhere (I can hear the protests....) with my oils but I’m keeping going. Maybe that's an analogy for everything else as it feels like I’m not getting anywhere with my lungs either. I’ve been looking at Robert Motherwell pictures. This one’s called Black With No Way Out (I can hear Martin’s groan!) and it does feel like that at times:

I'll hope that pulmonary rehabilitation should help a bit. Pity that the NHS is so starved of funds that the programme here has been reduced from twelve sessions to six. Like so much else short sighted and a false economy.

I haven't had a very good week despite having a good haircut (although there is a thing with hard Norfolk water that seems to make every day a bad hair day) and a birthday pizza with Flora who is ten years old. So the only thing is to look at more paintings BY Robert Motherwell:

Hoping for a better week .....

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