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a date!

Bit of a crap photo but I love my pink sitting room ! The picture doesn’t really do it justice and it’s still a work in progress but it’s a lovely room to sit in and do art, write, or just sit and gather breath.

Which is becoming more and more difficult. I couldn't post yesterday (and missed art group) as I got sent off to A & E by the GP as I was struggling. Anyway I got checked over and booted out with the all clear (in context) and yet more drugs. Plus a referral to the new palliative care consultant. Most people think that's for a death sentence but as the link explains it's for any advanced progressive illness and provides more holistic support so I'm hoping that will be helpful.

I’ve at last got some clearer news form Papworth and I have an assessment date of 7th January which at least is something solid in the diary. Downside is I have to have another CT scan as I have a nodule which needs looking at. I have resisted looking online for anything to do with that. I’m assuming that if it was anything to be worried about it would be dealt with more urgently. And they didn't find anything unpleasant in A and E yesterday nor did I present with anything to justify the consultant getting me a CT there and then.

I’ve been persisting with pulmonary rehab but I guess it's too soon to reap the benefits ie I haven't managed to build any big muscles yet! But a few exercises at home should gradually make a difference so even though it feels like climbing Everest I must persevere.

I had a better time at art group and did a triptych which is is start I think. And sort of similar to what I was doing in watercolour. I’m not the next De Kooning but I’m pleased that I’ve found a way to work in oil. At the least I hope I have a 'valuable delusion' (see notes below).

Untitled, The Make Up Counter and Triptych for Starters.

I found this from Richard Diebenkorn:

That makes sense to me in terms of trying to paint and he produced these wonderful pictures amongst many others:

And the Pollyanna reference resonates not only with painting. I have to find the positives however grim the lung thing, although there are limits to how Pollyanna-ish you can be without tipping over the edge into lunacy.

But I'm determined to be Pollyanna today. Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner:

I'm enjoying my pink room and will persuade Martin move the last of the boxes out ; and we have our living room sorted complete with our new rug (it does look like a dirty old rug but that's style for you). Pics next week....

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