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Bit of a blur

I thought I would have a good photo of the sitting room to use as my main picture but this morning the joiner has covered the wood burner with a dust sheet and is filling in around the new Bessemer beam so here is a lovely Patrick Heron painting instead.

The house is looking very nice now we have some paintings up but as usual my photos don't really do it justice. I am lazy; this week I will charge my little Leica and take some care to get some good pictures:

Although looking at images for Patrick Heron's house in St Ives I may have to lower my expectations:

That painting and those jugs are beautiful. I have no art of my own this week as I missed the group last week so I'm looking forward to this afternoon's group when I will work some more of the oils that I feel happier with. I am going to set myself a challenge by taking part in the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios next year. Which will be a good motivator to get some paintings together. And to start to draw.

At least I am having a better Monday this week as the steroids seem to have worked to open up my airways. I thought I’d have to go to bed and never get up again! But I managed Pulmonary rehab and I’m doing daily exercises. I’m also going to a singing group for lung people although wasn’t well enough to start on Friday so will go this week. Singing is good for exercising the lungs and should be fun although any hand waving and clapping will see me exit pretty quickly.

Lucy and Flora visited at the weekend and we baked lots of cookies. I have to take steroids as early as possible in the morning as they interfere with sleeping - although still do even when taken first thing; it's just a damage limitation exercise - so as you need to take them with food I have been trying to find something that is edible first thing with a cup of tea and that isn't a digestive biscuit! Oat and hazelnut are ok-ish. Maybe I need to find a power (protein?) ball thing although most seem to be unbaked balls of peanut butter and chocolate or coconut combinations which aren't very appetising to me.

I have spent the week in a haze of medication and this morning has gone in a blur so I'm off to art now and will hope to be thinking straighter this week. I've had Dylan Thomas in my head, which some may - but I don't - think is morbid; not sure i'm actually up to raging but something like that.....

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