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Misty view

A misty view from the stairlift last week. Can't see anything except vague blurs in the distance; could be at sea!

But I have had some more clarity about my Papworth assessment and now have my 3 days there from 17th December.

Seems to involve (they don’t tell you much) more ECG and lung function tests, and meeting transplant nursing and surgical teams and some 'talks'. And there is explicitly no guarantee that you will go on to the transplant list afterwards. Assuming that depends on the various tests and whatever the talks involve; may be some people aren't up to the post-transplant requirements but who knows. I will try not to spend too much time panicking about a/ the thought of having a lung transplant and b/ the thought of not being able to have a lung transplant.

I’ve been dedicated to pulmonary rehab and exercising at home and started the singing group for lung people last week. The breathing exercises and the singing help to keep the lungs working away. The group is run by a lovely singing teacher who has taken part in the British Lung Foundation singing programme so has been trained to lead singing groups for people with lung conditions. The group is about 15 people including the teacher and a couple of muso’s on guitars and they play a variety of things (no evangelism!!). There is no expectation that you can keep a tune (luckily as I just abut managed to produce a low rumble from somewhere in the middle of my chest) and no compulsion to do anything other than sit and hum along. I enjoyed Diamonds on The Soles of her Shoes and Running Bear.

I felt interrupted in my painting flow by missing the art group the previous week when I went to A & E but did produce a set of oils that I’ll hopefully be inspired by, or to finish this afternoon:

I didn't even manage to squeeze out much colour but having said that I was distracted by the call from Papworth about my assessment. So perhaps not surprising that I couldn't concentrate much. Although it's less concentration, more non-concentration that's needed to paint, a sort of emptying of all the clutter that's usually floating around.

I took some better photos of the house but didn't manage to get them from my camera into my photos folder so they will have to

wait until next week.

These Ben Nicholson pictures (not from my walls!) are nice and orderly:

They're also calming, especially the more muted ones. A thought for art later.......

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