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Flowers for a grey day

Here is a lovely flower painting by Ann Redpath Ann Redpath painted some beautiful still lives and portraits, something I would like to be able to do but will need a different focus to my abstracts. I could have chosen the Giacometti I had in the living room last week but don’t want to show off…..

I said I would include some pictures of the house as it comes along so here are a couple :

...and yes including the Giacometti ! Only visiting on it's way from the foundry to a friend's house where it will be wired for lights. My studio is starting to look like a studio and will be all set for the Open Studios in June next year, which I am determined to enter. I need to get my body of work together then......

No lung news is good news for now. I went to singing again and it is definitely good exercise for the lungs. We sang Carole King although it was Way Over Yonder which is a lovely but sad sort of memorial song and it takes nothing for me to cry these days; but as the singing group contains people in various stages of illness no-one bats an eye at any emotion. Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard is less emotive but no-one knows what it's about. This week is Christmas songs.

I have an appointment with the specialist consultant for Symptom Control and Supportive Care (palliative but they avoid that as most people think it's only for the dying) this week so I am hoping to get some good advice on how best to combine the various medications I have to best effect. It is frustrating that you get so many different opinions from medics on what to take, for what and when. It's ok working it out for yourself but not necessarily the best way! I am still reducing my steroids down so I hope my airways stay open with the lower dose.

Off to art.........

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