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Here is a nice John McLean above the wood burner in my pink room/ studio.

I've been in there doing some oils and I’ve progressed from the original ones that looked like prints to using more paint on oil paper. I’m reasonably pleased with these little abstracts:

I'm looking forward to getting some framed which will show them off better.

I had an appointment last week with the nice consultant in Symptom Management and Supportive Care (ie palliative care) who was very helpful. She took me in hand and was fairly directive about what I needed which was what I needed her to do I think. So I have more (and better) drugs to help with symptoms (mainly shortness of breath). I will also get to see her Clinical Psychologist colleague to support with psychological side of things. It has been very stressful waiting for the Papworth assesssment all these months and being very short of breath is difficult to cope with so an opportunity to get support with that is good.

I am starting to gear up to Christmas; now that it is December it’s ok to mention it. I’m already sick of all the ads on telly which all seem so joyless (or is that me?!). I love a bit of midwinter festivity but there feels like something hollow in those ads*; maybe it’s to do with the general state of the UK this year ie it seems too many of us are poor (never mind the actual destitute) and we seem like a country with no purpose. If only we could reopen the Tower and lock some of the politicians up for what they’ve done to us. *Or more likely it's because the ads are selling crap.

On a brighter note here are some fantastic paintings from an exhibition that was held at the Turner in Margate with Helen Frankenthaler and Turner:

I love the way they've been hung in that space; unfortunately the Turners don't really show up/ feature in these pics but you can look on the link and see them on the gallery website. I would love to be able to paint on that scale but that would require a huge studio and better lungs. Martin has started work on building his dark room/ studio so he will have more space than me but I doubt he will want to give it over!

Off to art group now so I'll carry on with my small scale works.

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