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Early tree

Here is my lovely tree. I have lots of favourite ornaments including the fancy George Jensen star and the stylish Scandinavian glass birds and balls as well as the felt turkey from Fine Cell Work and the Steiner felt and wooden trees.

I am usually scornful of celebrating Christmas too early but this year I’ve put my tree up because I will be having a small birthday do and going to Papworth next weekend. I am trying not to fret too much about it but given the shortage of donors and of transplant staff the criteria they use to decide who gets to go on the list is less clear. Will it come down to whether they like me or not or whether my life is worth prolonging over another person’s? And on what basis? All rather daunting....

I have registered for Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios next May/June so I'm now committed to doing lots of painting. I am slowly developing ways of achieving some sort of way with oils, doing some abstract/ed landscapes and some purely abstract:

I have painting group this afternoon where I hope I will get away from some of the distractions of having a joiner, painter, electrician and landscaper/s here all at the same time. Although the biggest distraction is Papworth so I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on writing this.

I won't post next Monday (as I'll be there) but will write about it afterwards. Fingers crossed!

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