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Transplant news!

Papworth was a round of tests - Electro- and echo cardiographs, Lung Function, Xray, CT, bloods etc. and meetings. We met the post-transplant senior nurse who talked about the various rejection scenarios, all of which can be managed, and the Consultant Chest Physician. Essentially it’s looking likely that I’ll go on to the transplant list in January following an appointment with the surgeon and psychologist (offered on the basis that it’s as major surgery as it gets and is ‘crazy’).

The process from being on the waiting list itself to having an actual transplant is gruelling but those are all practicalities that can be faced as and when they arise. Nothing compared to being constantly unable to breathe and the anxiety that goes with that. At least I now have the support of the Palliative Medicine Consultant who is supporting me with that aspect of symptom control.

So I can try to put that to one side while I wait for the appointment letter and turn to other things. I have been thinking of getting a cat but it would need to be a re-homed older one as I can’t cope with a kitten dashing around scratching everything. Maybe I’ll look for a Russian or British Blue in the New Year. They are friendly and should provide a good cat experience ie sit on your lap and allow stroking.

I like these cat drawings. They are all by Gwen John apart from the one I've cropped the person out of (sorry!) which is by Alice Neel:

Apart from the Papworth hiatus this week Christmas is back on track. I have been playing Michael Buble’s Christmas while I wrap presents so am now in the mood.

I decorated my cake and created a minimalist Christmas tree so we are looking festive everywhere:

Unfortunately I didn't manage a trip to Prince to get my panettone; this pic is from two years ago I think.

I am looking forward to lunch with my very good friends Paul and Alastair (and of course lovely Martin) tomorrow. I am glad that I had the Papworth assessment before Christmas so I can relax a bit without that playing on my mind. I feel more positive about getting on to the list after such a long time waiting. Happy Christmas to everyone.

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