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January survival

Today is supposed to be Miserable Monday or something like that; the Christmas comedown and back to reality of grey old January. No drinking and do exercise. Madness! I have celebrated with a delicious bowl of porridge made with home made oat milk. Which sounds a bit hard core but I wanted to put the new Vitamix to the test.

We got a Vitamix which does whizzy things like make nut -and oat- milks and butters. Makes perfect sense to have porridge with oat milk; I’m not on some dairy free crack. With demerera and a lovely Japanese pottery bowl it’s very photogenic.

I will be eating as I meant to go on although the Vitamix has the potential for making lots of healthy smoothies ie a good way of getting nutrients when your lungs take up all your stomach space.

Some of my meds seem to be giving me a bit more appetite particularly for Alan Ducasse caramelised hazelnut chocolate. Despite there now being a shop in Kings X their online sales still operate form Paris so it requires 100 euros worth of chocolate to get free postage. I will have to find a chocolate mule.

I am still waiting to get my appointment dates from Papworth so no news there. The palliative team in the community are doing their best to support with symptoms so I will go to a group that looks at managing breathlessness. I missed singing group this week due to hospital appointment but will go to that again this week.

So nothing much happening apart from Bach and art. Thanks for this Pam:

My painter of the week is William Scott:

I like his very spare still lives of pots and cups and I was tempted to use the green pears as the main picture this week for it's uplifting colour.

I now have a mount cutter and some framing materials so need to start to look at how best to display my paintings. I have pottered about with paints this week and i'm pleased with the colour in some of these, although the photo doesn't do the colour justice:

Art group is this afternoon so I'll carry on creating. I need to get some bigger paintings done too. More on my 222 Bach CDs next week.....

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