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more waiting.....

I seem to be back where I was before the Papworth assessment ie waiting for them to give me another appointment. I looked on the web for a suitable ‘waiting’ image but there’s just a heap of dross about waiting for love or death or suchlike. Turning a frustration into some mawkish sentimental soundbite. So here is a Cezanne instead.

I don’t thInk i’ve ever felt January to be quite so miserable a month. I’m terrified of the weather, although apart from a hard frost there’s not been anything bad here. And as I've done a good job of isolating myself from likely sources of germs I'm minimising the risk of catching some killer virus. Maybe I am miserable due to social isolation?! Although I am going to the art group and I went to singing on Friday.

I’m also struggling -again- with painting. this time with oil on to canvas (i’ve been using special paper for oil painting) and the difficulty is similar in that I have to fine a way to work with the paint and the surface to get what i want.

I did try out my new mount cutter yesterday and i’m quite pleased with the results; the mounts give a better idea of what the paintings will be like framed :

I found this artist who I like; not one of the greats but I like her mixture of still lives and abstracts:

Her name is Chloe Lamb but she does have a namesake whose website offers another art form entirely so carful where you click! Although it is of course possible that it's the same person albeit unlikely, in which case no judgement from me.

I have appointments with the dietician, oxygen service and a psychologist from the palliative care team this week so as long as my lungs will work in the cold I'll be out and about a bit. We've had some bricks delivered so may get a start on the new circular patio; I am looking at multi-stemmed silver birch trees to go on the edges but don't have the patience (or even life-expectancy!) to wait for them to grow. The stems don't go white apparently for about 4 years so I need to find some mature ones to put in.

At least there are some thoughts of outside and spring. Sarah Raven is tempting with lots of irresistible pompom dahlias already.

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