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Big day...

I like this unassuming painting of flowers by Jacques Truphemus.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the surgeon at Papworth so I feel at sixes and sevens. In theory it will be the final part of process before going on to the transplant list. Which will be a big thing.

Last week I had an assessment with the oxygen service and I will need to start having oxygen so the sooner the better for getting on the transplant list. I also saw the dietician who was helpful; I can just add cream to everything basically!

Norman Lamb our local Lib Dem MP came to our singing group on Friday to look at what the group does. I did get a selfie but it's a bit crap so I won't put it here. He didn't stay for the entire session so didn't have the pleasure of joining in with The Rattlin' Bog which is essentially an Irish drinking song and good fun to sing, but much better down the pub.

No more news that I can focus on due to being distracted by Papworth. I can't even apply myself to this week's painter but here are a couple of mine with nice colours:

I am off to the art group this afternoon so hopefully that will take my mind off things.......

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