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....but not quite

......but here is a bright Rothko to break up the monotony.

Papworth needed another blood test to confirm my blood group before putting me on the transplant list. Thankfully my GP surgery arranged for me to have the test done up here avoiding a journey to Papworth. In theory the result should get to Papworth today.

Last week was a bit slow, or rather I was slow struggling to get used to the new medications the palliative care consultant gave me. I did feel I'd had a liquid cosh although my breathing slowed down which is the point. I suppose it makes sense that everything else slows down too.

I’ve been doing a bit of painting but with not a great deal to show for it.

There are a few works in progress here. it is such nice room to sit in especially with the woodburner on, so I can happily sit for hours messing about with paint and ploughing through my 222 Bach CDs.

One artist I have come to like is Tracey Emin. I always disliked her unmade bed stuff and wrote her off but some months ago I saw in a gallery a drawing of hers of a bird that I was struck by. And she has just got a new exhibition at the White Cube (which i won’t be able to go to of course) with some paintings that I really like:

Maybe trying to paint myself has made me appreciate painting more. or rather to see things differently. I have art group this afternoon and I'm going to do some watercolours for a change.

And perhaps next week I'll finally be on the transplant list.........

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