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At last...

This picture is by Anna Zemánková was a self-taught Czech painter, draftsman and pastel artist. Her work was featured in a group show at London’s Hayward Gallery in 1979, and eighteen of her pieces were shown at the Venice Biennale in 2013.

......I am now on the transplant list. Now I just wait until I get a donor; could be today or next year. I have my bag packed ready to go as instructed. I can’t quite imagine what it will be like when I get the call. I guess by the time the transport arrives I’ll have had time to prepare myself.

They send out a paramedic car (without paramedics) I think so they can blue-light you there if necessary. Although apparently lungs aren’t super time-critical in terms of needing to be put In immediately. I just hope that I don’t get any false alarms which Papworth say isn’t unusual ie you get there and the lungs aren’t viable for some reason. Most of the time I don’t think about it; I keep my phone close to hand anyway. Having said all that I’m sure when I do get the call I will feel something close to panic.

Meanwhile art continues to be my main distraction. I’m going to finish my oil still life that I did in art group last week. My struggle to produce oils on canvas that I’m happy with continues. Here are two very spare canvasses that I did this week; they have lots of texture which adds to to their interest but doesn’t come out in the photos:

There are so many artists out there producing nice work. Here are some by a living artist Jane Lewis that I like for their colour and appearance of spontaneity:

Tomorrow I have my second oxygen assessment and my breathlessness group on Wednesday which Martin comes to. Last week was communication which was quite useful in terms of communicating what you need rather than making assumptions. All obvious stuff really (and the OT is irrritatingly infantilising) but it did make me think about how I just assume that Martin knows what to do when I can’t breathe. We haven’t had the conversation yet but in my folder there is a guide I think!

If I don’t post next week it will be because I’m having a lung transplant.....

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