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Paintings and pots

This is one of my small abstract oils with a pot of Jane Wheeler’s. I thought they looked good together; Jane’s pots have lovely glazes and shapes which go well with the thick texture of the paint.

Here are some more pots and paintings:

It's been an uneventful week after last week’s drama. Martin went away to work, having fully recovered from his TIA (well he’d recovered from it in about half an hour).

It did shake me up enough to make an appointment with a solicitor this week to sort out wills and Powers of Attorney.

My niece Clare came to stay with me as I don’t want to be on my own, particularly if I was to get a call from Papworth in the middle of the night. Clare helped cut the mounts for the paintings in the pictures, otherwise we mooched around for a few days as Clare is suffering from energy depletion also so we’re quite a good match. It was also nice to have a fellow armchair critic for Celebs go Dating. Astonishingly crap but mesmerising TV.

I called the transplant co-ordinator this morning as it is one month to the day since I went onto the list and you are asked to contact them very month to let them know that you are still alive and any changes to meds, health etc. I have managed to reduce my steroids to a tiny amount now and will wean myself off that. They won’t operate if you’re on over 15mg as apparently they make your lungs go all ’spongy’ making it difficult when they cut them off and try to attach new ones! Given the bruises that I get on my arms from steroids I suppose it follows that they affect internal things as well.

On that cheerful note I am feeling some benefit from the smallish dose of oxygen I now have 15 hours a day. Nothing dramatic but it seems to be a bit easier to get up and get dressed in the morning.

Here is another painter, Suzanna Lang, doing Australian pictures although they don’t have those particular outback colours:

This week I have to trek down to Papworth for another CT scan to look at my lung nodule so fingers crossed for that.

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