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Another week's wait

Here are some nice ranunculus Paul brought yesterday. I’ll try to paint them before they wilt too much.

Martin cooked a delicious lunch using a Marcella Hazan recipe for lamb with juniper and I made a clafoutis using frozen berries. Should’ve been cherries but not surprising that there weren’t any in Budgens and it was very nice nevertheless. The recipe said to put smoked salt on it but in the absence of that I used some weird Swedish black salt that had been in the cupboard unused for years as these things usually are. Salt and sweet berries wasn’t as odd as it sounds, tempered by lots of cream.

Nothing much is happening. I went all the way to Papworth on Wednesday for a CT scan to check my lungs for nodules but haven’t heard anything so I am going to assume the best.

Martin had his second cataract done and it’s miraculous that he can now do without glasses. And only another 10 days or so before he is allowed to drive again after the TIA.

One major box ticked this week was going to a solicitor to get our wills done. Spurred into action by Martin’s scare but something I know needed to be done for ages. Although I do understand why people leave everything to their cat.

Spring is arriving slowly with daffodils everywhere. We have two red-legged partridges visiting the field outside every day but they are camouflaged by the brown earth that they don’t show up in photos.

I have been painting away although it seems as soon as I start to feel a sense of achievement I quickly revert back to struggling again. I don’t know what I want to achieve, but there’s a process towards something better. Here are some colours of works in progress that are quite pleasing:

I like these rather pretty abstracted flower paintings by Anne Sophie Tschiegg:

I'm looking forward to getting some flowers in the garden. The tulips I put in in the autumn are coming up so should be out in a few weeks. Although I suppose should be hoping that I won't be here to see them if I'm in Papworth. But I could of course be home in time if I get called this week!

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