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Keeping on...

This is a work in progress that has some nice sunny colours like the day today. Everything seems to be yellow as the rape is out along with the daffodils. I’ll put a correction here; last week’s flowers were anemones not ranunculus!

Nothing much happening it feels. I have the glums and don’t feel bothered with anything but I'll drag myself along to art this afternoon. Sometimes the effort of breathing is just so exhausting that’s it’s tempting never to get up again. Every morning is the same struggle to get up and fight to breathe.

I guess at least I now know that I’m getting enough oxygen. The respiratory nurse visited last week and will order some smaller tanks that are a bit more portable so that I can go out with them.

I have also acquired some dreadful mouth infection that i had swabbed at docs this morning; the nurse said it was 'unusual' ie she'd never seen anything like it. Too awful to describe here, lets just say that I thought I had the black death.

Not all doom and gloom though; I was delighted that Irini won Masterchef! I was convinced that some sort of ageism would prevent her winning so my faith is restored. Her food was always the best in terms of originality and skill.

There was a nice programme about Japanese culture including their flower arranging, Ikebana. Fascinating how they can tell a story through the arrangement.

I have several paintings on the go:

Playing around with colour and texture.

Here are some paintings by Peter Lanyon:

Always a boost for inspiration.

I think I am just entering my sixth week on the transplant list and still no news from my CT. So I’ll keep on keeping on as they say (or not as I think that's an ancient hippy expression).

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