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This is a painting I’ve just started which I’ve put here because I like the colours. I think this week will be more paintings than anything else as an uneventful week just passed by.

We had a visit from Martin’s old gardener in Kent; Martin made some very good jammy dodgers. Not quite the same as the bought ones as I don’t think you can get jam that cheap!

Most exciting thing all week has been watching Fleabag series 1 and 2. I am still avoiding going out anywhere with more than a few people as apart from a nasty cough there is Aussie flu around. By all accounts brought here by a couple of Australians who visited Briston, a local village.

I am still working on paintings and have the added impetus having 3 in an exhibition that’s an offshoot of Open Studios. More nice colours:

These nice colourful abstracts are by an American artist Anke Weyer:

I had a letter from Papworth about the move to the new hospital site in May. Another week gone; I will get my transplant at the brand new hospital (at least I hope it's still brand new then!)

I will miss art this afternoon due to doc's appt ; my unpleasant mouth infection is still hanging around, not helping my mood. So I hope they can fix it. Pen is arriving this afternoon to keep me company while Martin visits his mother. I am worried about being on my own when I get the call from Papworth, especially in he middle of the night which isn't unlikely. Maybe this week.......

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