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This is my Simnel cake with apostles (12 as Judas is forgiven) and bird choir. Tasted delicious with lots of saffron and fruit.

I think I have more photos than anything else in this week's blog. We went to our local castle and watched the birds sailing around the lake and saw a pied flycatcher zooming on the water. you can just see the swan on her nest to the left in this photo:

I will have to keep an eye on the lake for the next couple of weeks so that we catch all the cygnets and baby coots and ducklings when they arrive.

The next photo is just to show off my Alain Ducasse easter egg which Paul and Alastair gave to me. The Alain Ducasse shop in Kings Cross annoyingly doesn't do online sales so if you can't get there you have to rely on lovely friends or buy from the Paris shop but to avoid hefty postage you have to buy 100 euros worth.

Delicious egg filled with praline filled eggs and shells.

Jane brought me one of her lovely pots with a cactus in it:

The other two pots are old cream pots from Richard Scott's wonderful antique shop in Holt. And the painting is by me! This week's artist is also me:

No news from Papworth; a call on Easter Monday would be a nice touch and be in keeping with the resurrection theme!

There's the rest of the day left.....

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