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The Goldfinch

I can't claim credit for the photo but we've had a pair of goldfinches visiting the garden this week. I've never seen one before; they are very small and just lovely so it was a treat to see them.

It's taken me ages to get going today so I've missed the art group. I had the community Matron and the GP visiting last week, and had an X-ray to rule out a chest infection as I’ve been feeling so crap, but nothing has come back from that.

I had my sister Lucy and brother Michael visiting at the weekend which was nice. Martin went off to see his brother who is over from Canada. Michael brought me this beautiful little orchid:

The bigger leaves next to it are from another orchid which I’m hoping will flower again soon. I have also acquired an aspidistra.

Plants are supposed to be good for purifying the air but I think you have to fill the house with them to get any benefit. This house does seem to lend itself to plants. I haven’t had any houseplants for years but apparently they’re back in fashion now so that has given me the green light.

I don’t seem to have produced much in the way of new paintings. Martin took the three for the exhibition and I forgot to photograph them.

Here are some serene still lives by Giorgio Morandi:

......and here is my pot arrangement in the style of!:

There are a couple by local potters and a nice little one of one of Jane’s on the left . The one with handles is from Richard’s antique shop; the bottom half was left unglazed to allow the pot to keep food cool while half buried in the ground.

That's it; I am off for an afternoon nap as I feel exhausted after being up for five hours!

I can't have that transplant soon enough.

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