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Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of the otter which was the highlight of my week. These are some lovely lily-of-the-valley that my neighbour Joy brought round. No-one seems to be called Joy anymore; I guess it's gone out of fashion but it must be a nice name to have. Difficult not to smile when you're introduced to a Joy.

We went to the castle to look for cygnets but the swan is still on the nest and as I sat there trying to see the duckling train on the other side of the lake an otter’s head came out of the water. I watched it fishing for a good 10 minutes, diving and circling around in plain sight; I was thrilled!

I've only ever caught a glimpse of an otter in the wild so to be able to watch one swimming was awesome (in the proper sense of the word; I know everything is awesome these days, and I simply can't say 'dope') . We pretty much had the place to ourselves as is usual so there's nothing to disturb the peace there.

I then saw one of the goldfinches again pecking away at a dandelion clock in the field outside the kitchen. I guess it’s good to have the time to be able to notice things.

I think that was the only day I went out last week, partly due to feeling too tired and partly to not having any hospital appointments for a change.

This week I have some more reflexology to look forward to, which I feel relaxed just thinking about.

And suddenly the Open Studios is upon me; I only realised this morning that it starts this weekend!! Martin has been doing some framing so I do have some things ready, although somebody pointed out that you can’t sell abstract art in Norfolk. Everybody wants paintings of boats and the coast.

Despite not going out I don't think I've been painting madly although I have managed to finish some abstracts:

So I should set my expectations low and be pleasantly surprised if I sell anything. I haven’t done anything to really promote my studio because I could get whisked off to Papworth at any minute.

My artist this week is Blinky Palermo who changed his name to one of the Mafia's. I like the apparent simplicity of his work which of course isn’t simple at all:

So another week; I think I’m on about week eight but I’m not really counting. I’ve recovered from the false alarms but I don’t want another one. It's odd being sort of pulled in two directions; I want to be able to be there for the Open Studio but I also want to get a call for the transplant.

When I spoke to one of the transplant coordinators last week she said I was unlikely to get called in the daytime as they usually happen at night. Well both my calls were in the morning so statistically I suppose I am bound to get woken up at two o'clock in the morning for the next one; fine if it's for real!

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