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Open Studios

Open Studios started on Saturday. This is one of my favourite watercolours that I thought a woman was on the verge of buying but didn’t in the end. My big blue painting was bought by Greg which i’m really pleased about.

I’ve been sitting in my studio for two days painting watercolours as oils are too messy if there are people milling around. I’ve been absorbed in doing some very pretty little eggs and other shapes:

I also had visitors this week including Lucy who came to babysit me and Lesley and Neil who came over for tea and seedcake. Even with fresh and pungent caraway seeds it was still fairly elusive in the cake. I’ll keep putting more in until i’m happy with it. Even so it’s a very nice traditional madeira cake.

I’m finally starting to make good use of my Vitamix ;having made the seasonal transition from winter porridge for breakfast i’m making delicious smoothies with things like banana, strawberries (the local strawberry hut has opened so we’ll have those all summer), pineapple, blueberries, oranges., pears, apples etc etc. it’s difficult to go wrong, just whizzed up with some almond or oat milk.

it was good to see Lesley and especially good to be told how well I look! I’m sure the oxygen and 9 or 10 hours sleep a night is helping and I always try to keep looking after my skin no matter how awful I feel, although an increase in drugs from Dr Wung seems to have given me a bit more energy. Difficult to tell what does what really, or it may be that the warmer weather is helping. I imagined winter coming and felt a sort of dread. Daft as there are months to go and I might have new lungs by then.

This weeks artist is me of course given Open Studios which continues for the next two weekends. It’s odd having strangers coming in and looking at my paintings. They all make nice noises - although one irritating person started telling me how to frame things better; there’s always one) but aren’t necessarily out to buy. A tour of some of the studios makes a good day out. and in the spirit of it I should be happy for people just to have a look.

I haven't done anything to promote my studio as there's always the chance I'll be whisked off to Papworth, so I don't expect to get hordes of visitors. It does all look very nice with the framed paintings on display:

Today I have closed for a rest. I might be inspired to do some oils. I have got back on an even keel following the false alarms and have stopped thinking the phone is going to ring at any minute. It would be nice to get new lungs and have the summer to recover when everything is so much easier. Fingers crossed for this week.

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