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June flowers

This week is all about flowers (and art!). The garden is blossoming into life and we have so many lovely flowers springing up:

I'm not sure that the greens are even more beautiful:

It was quiet for open studios this weekend. I was at risk of becoming obsessed with painting watercolour eggs so have been a bit more experimental:

I have also got a new grey oil though which i’m pleased with:

The flower theme includes this week’s interesting artist: ‘Mary Delany’s stunning works are a remarkable combination of art and science. Often mistaken for watercolours, they are in fact carefully constructed paper collages, or ‘mosaicks’ as she called them.

Surprisingly, the story starts when the artist was 72, after she noticed the similarity between a geranium and a piece of red paper that was on her bedside table. The realisation prompted Delany to pick up a pair of scissors and imitate the petals in paper.’:

Encouraging that she was 72 when she started.

I don’t have much time to get this post out before I go to art group. I have had a very slow start this morning with breathing even harder than usual. No idea why. I’ve had no further calls from Papworth, only an appointment for yet another CT scan in July. I guess they know more than me about the risk of high doses of radiation, and anyway I don’t suppose that’s what I need to be worried about.

I saw the palliative care doctors on Friday, Dr Wung and Dr Carroll who are both so nice to see. No changes to drugs this time. At least they have the time to spend with me (unlike the rushed GP’s) and they understand what the stresses are; as Dr Wung puts it they (and the drugs)provide me with the scaffolding to cope which is a good way of putting it. I think I may have written that before but I can't remember anything these days. The time seems to go along in a blur.

I’m looking forward to reflexology again this week; just thinking about it makes me relax! Although thinking about leaving the house for art doesn't; an hour to go and I start my preparations so that there is absolutely no chance of becoming rushed.

Rushing is a dirty word and something that instils panic and therefore breathing difficulties. So that gives me enough time to get water, pack my watercolours, ensure enough oxygen in the cylinder I'm taking, remember to take a ginger tea bag, move my jacket and handbag to the front room to break the journey to the car, take a lorazepam to get me to the car...........and breathe!

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