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More flowers

It’s nice when things spring up unexpectedly like this lovely little plant I’d forgotten all about. At least it has it's own pot: the big flowerbeds are out of control with everything vying for space.

I think we need a tough approach to clear some things but I hate taking anything away even if it’s those rogue field poppies that are trying to take over the garden. There are lots of less hardy things that need taking care of. The bright white in the bottom right is actually a Canterbury Bell shining away so brightly the camera couldn't cope:

I’ve even been painting flowers this week and have done these pretty watercolours:

Although I am still fixated on eggs which I just love experimenting with:

I got some rather nice handmade cotton rag paper which produces pleasing effects although is very absorbent:

Maybe I like painting the eggs so much as I am satisfied with them. Everything else is always less than perfect. Although De Kooning explained that accepting failure and imperfection unburdened him, and opened him up to new modes of experimentation. “I get freer.…I have this sort of feeling that I am all there now,” he explained in “What Abstract Art Means to Me.” “It’s not even thinking in terms of one’s limitations, because they come naturally. I think whatever you have you can do wonders with it, if you accept it.”

This week I have included some paintings by Faye Wei Wei:

They remind me of Chagall a bit. I would be very pleased if I'd painted them.

So my life is pretty much reduced entirely to painting. We had one outing to get fish and chips at Wells on Friday evening. The chips are much more crispy than the usual chip shop and the batter is nice and light. We sit in the car park looking over the harbour. Only one gin palace there this week, otherwise sailing boats and one mad woman on a sort of paddle board.

Nothing going on re Papworth until next month’s appointment and CT scan. I spoke to the transplant coordinator this morning for a catch up (and always the slight unease that they've forgotten me!). She was pleased to hear that I'm doing ok-ish ie no chest infections or other problems. And impressed that I'm now 55 kilos which is pretty good for me and more than I've been since I can remember.

Fattening up on Ensure and delicious doughnuts from the sourdough bread bakers (and Martin's great cooking of course!). I reckon in a paradoxical way that i'm also fitter than I've been for a while, due to my determination to get through my beastly exercises. So I am still hellishly breathless but at least I have some fat and muscle which will help see me through the transplant which can't come soon enough.

Especially as we are heading for a hot spell. I am dreading some sort of suffocating heatwave, but with a bit of luck it might pass us by this week.

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