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More of the same!

These are my favourite flowers in the garden at the moment. They’re next to some little pink pelagoniums and are so delicate and pretty when the sun is on them

Today I am having a ‘I can’t go on like this’ moment. When everything is just so much effort. The only time it’s not is when I’m knocked out at night. Or painting I suppose. I did manage to drag myself up and I’m drinking a delicious banana, fig, strawberry, blueberry and oat smoothie, so I guess I can carry on for a bit longer inventing smoothies and painting eggs, which are my default ‘disappear from life’ activity due to being totally absorbed in them:

I haven’t painted any oils for ages and found some that I’d just started off:

May be the colours will inspire me to pick them up again. I have another Open Studios at the end of July as part of the Holt festival so I might work on some flowers for that:

They're also pink and pretty but I've had two critics suggesting that they're 'insipid' and 'like wallpaper' (who needs enemies?). So I need to work on them.

Lucy was here last week when Martin stayed away working and she took some some nice photos. I’ve revived my Instagram so will use that for paintings:

This is another photo of Jane's pot and a tiny canvas with nice colours.

I had some more reflexology last week which is just the most relaxing thing ever. Difficult to describe the feeling of weightlessness. I like these minimalist abstract by Zhou Hau (I can't find a website for their work). They could be described as weightless too, in a nice way rather than suggesting they're lacking in weight:

I have to go to Papworth for a CT scan this Friday which I hope will show nothing untoward. I don't know what happens with nodules and I'm not going on google to find out. The sun is in and out today and we only had one hot day on Saturday; I don't know why I bother myself with imagining being unable to breathe in a 45 degree heatwave when we're not going to have one.

A perfect day for Wimbledon, although I only tend to start watching when matches have progressed a bit. I am watching Love Island again this year so will need to fit everything in. I caught a bit of Glastonbury, Janet Jackson and Kylie neither of whom are my thing (Kylie and Nick Cave ok); I guess you had to be there. Most of the audience I saw looked like middle aged parents. I missed Stormzy though who I would have enjoyed more.

Must get ready for art group now although people seem to be dropping like flies from some sort of plague! Flu in July?!

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