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Nothing but flowers

Not my greatest work but it’s quite a striking image of one of the bergamot flowers in the garden. It seems I’ve done nothing but look at and paint flowers (and the odd egg).

Although I have also been enjoying the tennis. Wimbledon is such an institution but they could get the the linespeople into the twentieth century. The clothes are just awful and a sort of last bastion of middle England standards, with the requirement to wear a tie with their shirt regardless of the fact that it’s a sporting event and frequently boiling on court. They also seem a bit incongruous either bursting out of their shirts with stomach spilling over their trousers or large Rigby and Peller breasted square shaped ladies. Everyone else involved is super fit and sporty and they seem a bit archaic.

Anyway more importantly Cori Gauff is as good as the hype and incredible for being able to hold her nerve like that at 15.

We went to the new Papworth on Friday:

All new shiny as you’d expect but unbelievably has doors that don’t have automatic buttons for wheelchair users so you’re stuck if no one’s with you or you can’t kick the door open and then get through without being bashed as the door swings back in an unseemly faff. Anyway I was there for about 5 minutes as I went straight through for my CT and straight out again. 2 hours there and back.

The garden continues to produce beautiful things apart from the bergamot; I’m especially pleased with my pompom dahlias:

There’s some crocosmia that’s just peeped through over the weekend and is now blazing away but I don’t have photo yet.

I’ve been painting away still using watercolour. Pansies are my favourite so far; here are some close-ups. Spot the Nigella in there.

I’m going to try some plants (pot plants) and pots this week. Eggs remain my default if I’ve not managed anything I’m pleased with I do some eggs to restore morale:

I’ve just had a delicious smoothie with pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, avocado and oat. Sounds a bit of a mish mash but most things in the fruit bowl seem to combine to taste good if whizzed together. Maybe I'll start smoothie of the week.

This week's artist has to be Winifred Nicholson for her fabulous flower paintings:

Maybe I’ll take some flowers to paint to art this afternoon.

I have an appointment with Dr Wung on Wednesday otherwise it’s tennis and painting. Unless I’m interrupted by Papworth. I can’t imaging getting through another winter without a transplant. I have an appointment in August so I’ll hope to get some reassurance then but I know it’s utterly unpredictable.

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