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Obsessed with flowers

I’ve suddenly started painting ‘things’ rather than abstracts. I think inspired by the flowers and of course Jane’s lovely pots lend themselves to being painted. This one came with the little cactus already in it and is my favourite painting this week.

The garden is now out of control, with the gardener dropping out and a couple of weeks before the new one starts:

The field at the back is covered in daisies and poppies:

Although there are plenty of pickings I prefer to leave most things in the garden. I managed to allow myself one dahlia (plus a few bits and bobs including the bergamot):

My smoothie of the week is banana, fig, raspberry, strawberry with oats, yoghurt and almond milk. Martin brings all sorts of fruit back from the local greengrocer Mr Crowe so I get to make combinations that I wouldn’t otherwise. I would probably mull over my smoothies recipes before going to the shop armed with a list so I love having lots of surprising nice things to mix together. It's difficult to go wrong.

We’ve been having lots of TV dinners watching the tennis. Martin’s home made pizza perfect for telly:

I enjoyed the Djokovic and Federer final; perfectly pitted against each other.

Apart from the Wimbledon interlude all is much of a muchness. I saw Dr Wung who didn’t increase my meds this time; we’re pretty much at the end of the road for medication as I’m on everything almost up to the max. I think Dr Wung is keeping something in reserve, albeit just room for a small increase.

Clare is coming this week while Martin works in Cambridge. I’ll probably get lots of painting done, although it is a solitary activity. I definitely don’t paint as well when I go to the art group, but that isn’t the point of going I guess as half of it is for the chat.

I’m my own featured artist this week with these lilies that are so unlike anything else I’ve been doing and vaguely Japanese in style:

If I had new lungs I would probably imagine that the spirit of the donor had affected me but as that’s not the case it must be Pinterest.

There was a man on one of the 24 hours in A&E programmes who’d had a liver transplant and was convinced it had changed his taste in food.

I haven’t thought about who my donor might be. Perhaps I will at the time; I know people write to families via the hospital to thank them. First of all I have to get a donor. I think I went on the list In February so about 4 months which isn’t that long I suppose. It feels long added together with all the pre-transplant tests. I know it's now about 2 years since I was first referred.

Heigh ho. Maybe this will be the week.

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