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Flower paintings again

This is my favourite painting this week, the garden keeps throwing up lovely

flowers so there’s no lack of inspiration. I love this old pot which likes being painted.

I have lots of lovely pots to paint so i’m spoilt for choice really:

I had a go at these figs:

I was hesitant about painting this rose and didn’t think I’d be able to capture it but I think i managed to beat it into submission:

I’m in a lather with time as we have an interview this morning for some breathlessness research. So a short but sweet blog today.

I survived the sweltering heat last week by sitting with my feet up in front of the dyson cool so managed ok. I only went out once to reflexology but even that was too hot.

Anyway back to summer as usual.

A very disappointing open Studio this weekend with only 2 visitors; same as my friend Jane. I think they didn’t publicise it enough. I wanted to see how people liked my watercolours but am secretly pleased that I haven’t sold them as I’d be sorry to see them go. I’ll paint more and more and then it won’t matter so much.

My painter of the week is Miroco Machiko who paints delightful animals. Here are are my favourite cats:

No news from Papworth but mustn't despair. It's been about 5 months now I think which I don't think is especially long to wait. I have my appointment at the transplant clinic next month. Can't believe it's August already.

That's it; have to get ready for art group as well and rush is a dirty word.

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