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The lost parrot

This is my favourite painting this week. Paul’s giant poppy in a Chinese pot. It is difficult painting white flowers on a white background. Seems obvious.

The week got off to a strange start. We were watching telly when Martin got up to investigate a man he’d seen running behind the house. I sat there worrying he was going to get stabbed but the man was looking for his parrot. Given we are in middle of nowhere it was quite bizarre. Apparently he took it outside and was surprised when it flew off. It would be impossible to see in the sea of green in the field. I imagine it's still lost.

I’ve since had a miserable week laid low by nasty chest infection which just came out of the blue. I’ve been languishing in front of the Dyson Cool feeling pretty crap and even more breathless. Had to have steroids of course and I’ve had to come off the list at Papworth until I’m better. On day 6 of 10 for antibiotics and I think I’m turning the corner. Fingers crossed.

I have been managing some flower paintings which is good for keeping the spirits up. Paul brought me some flowers including the giant poppy and Martin got me some new little pots from Richard’s antique shop. I love the little Chinese pot with the blue stripe.

This is a rather garish lily in a nice green pot by Antje Ernestus, a potter who lives in nearby Corpusty. The agapanthus is going mad and also looks nice in Antje's pot:

Love Island is over for those who notice these things. So summer is slowing down now. The flower beds are still going strong. Last year I remember them being all straggly in August but I think we’ve had better weather for flowers this year, wetter and cooler. I did this little one of blackberry blossom which is out now and looks like a bumper crop. I got the tiny vase in Copenhagen:

There are so many nice flowers to paint. I like this pale pinky mauve poppy in one of Jane's pots:

Martin is taking some fabulous photos and developing them in his new dark room. Maybe he'll let me have one for my blog next week.

Lucy is bringing Flora and Zoe this week while Martin visits his Mum. I hope they aren’t too chaotic. I have established a rigid routine that helps me to manage my breathing. Any deviation causes stress as does any noise or fuss. Lucy thinks they will play on their computer gaming all the time or go to the beach. Maybe I’ll get them to do some painting. I’m looking forward to seeing them although I hate to think that they might be upset if they see me struggling to breathe so I’ll make sure I’m in control.

There will be lots of questions about oxygen I suppose.

That’s all I have energy for. Apart from some final pics of more lovely cats this time by Shozo Ozaki:

We have a summer break from art group so I don't have to worry about not being able to go today. Hopefully I’ll be back up and running and on the transplant list next week.


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