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On the up

I did this picture yesterday. I’ve started putting backgrounds in.

At last I have got rid of the awful chest infection and feel back on track. I have to go to Papworth on a Friday to get looked at (xrayed etc) before going back on the list.

Today I am going to try to do some of my hellish exercises. I bought some protein powder which will hopefully help me to rebuild some muscle. Although this time I did get up out of bed so I was at least shuffling about downstairs going to the loo etc which is better for you than staying in bed all day.

It’s felt a bit like a plague house what with Martin being poorly too. He’s now recovered too, happily. One of the GPs from our local practise took us under his wing last week, recognising how stressful everything is, and gave us a couple of extra appts lasting half an hour or so.

I think it makes a difference if people realise the nature of the situation and acknowledge the challenges of coping with it. As always with these things it’s a delicate balance to be able to guage the temperature so to speak, and respond appropriately. The last thing I want is for people to feel sorry for me.

I have plenty of my own sorrow but still need to look after myself I’ve decided to focus on teeth and skin now that I’m too wary of injectables, or rather the potential for bruising. My arms always looks like I’ve been in a fight due to the steroids so I wouldn’t risk my face.

I’m researching some creams on Beauty Pie which claims to sell the champagne of skincare for beer prices through some set up which I couldn’t really be bothered to read about! Anyway it all comes from Switzerland and what I’ve got so far is very nice.

Martin has been working in his dark room; here are a couple of lovely photos of the garden:

The garden isn’t looking quite as spectacular now as August goes on. It feels weirdly autumnal already. I’m sure I’ll find lots to paint still including everyday objects. I like the look of these by Bridget Davies which are done in ink I think:

Not much else to report. Only a few days since I last blogged as I was so late with the last one. I did this one of one of the pots Jane brought over:

I should be back on the transplant list by next week if all goes well at Papworth.

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