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The last of the flowers

I like painting this pot of Jane’s. It has a nice texture and shape.

The week has gone by in a blur. I do remember going to reflexology which was as blissful as usual but nothing else remains in my memory! I do know I’ve been painting as I have a few new ones:

I’m having ups and down days, but I don’t seem to be able to have enough ups. A good day is eating proper food (rather than all smoothies and Ensures), doing some painting and managing some exercises.

Yesterday I didn't manage the blog but I think that’s partly because we’re on holiday from the art group so I don’t have my usual deadline to keep of getting it out before art.

We made an excursion to Waitrose which left little energy for anything else. That was a bit depressing as I am sure Waitrose is going downhill. They had no stocks of their own brand chocolate range so I’m having to make do with Green and Blacks 85%.

I used to order from Ocelot and Pump Street but can’t justify the expense now, and anyway Waitrose Panama and Haiti are just as good.

The garden just has a few dahlias hanging on (and a bright pink gladioli that appeared from nowhere.) I picked some dahlias yesterday but was repelled to find they were full of earwigs! I think I have the legacy of some childhood terror.

And I’m also not really sure whether they go into your ears or not.

Life goes slowly on (but paradoxically whizzes by) in a strange limbo waiting for lungs. Bad enough but I don’t think my wait is to do with cost unlike my poor neighbour who has been in agony waiting for months for a new knee. Awful that we make people suffer like that during what are probably their last few years.

Nothing is right at the moment. I am trying to keep away from the news as I can't stand the sight of most of the government. I also don't want to be worried about being affected by shortages of medicines etc. and what about lungs?! Apparently quite a few come from Ireland... will all be ok. And perhaps this week it will happen.

Here are some beautiful Winifred Nicholson flowers:

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