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A new leaf

Autumn trees are just stunning this year; this is a pic of the oak trees from our window. Some compensation for the awful rainy weather but there was a break when I was able to get some leaves from the lane for a rustic bouquet:

I am slowly getting used to being able to do things again. It is a very strange feeling after so long of being restricted. And not one that is an experience that anyone is prepared for; maybe because it is so unnatural. I still feel exhausted a lot of the time. It is hard work starting anew. In fact writing this feels hard work today; I'm thinking in very short sentences and not able to follow much of a train of thought....

I had my 'flat' blog a couple of weeks ago and I feel like that again. I think my energy levels go up and down unpredictably. And of course not forgetting the steroids which give the odd manic surge and then down in the dumps.

Another weird thing last week was being discharged form the palliative care service; who leaves that except in a coffin! I don’t really know how to feel; Dr Wung and Dr Carroll were so supportive, a lifeline in fact, while I was waiting for my transplant. So I think I did feel a bit cast adrift, although of course it isn’t a service that I need now. I do have an open appointment though if I feel I need to see either one.

I was so pleased to have a visit from Suzi who I used to work with who came for lunch with Aaron and baby Emma. Martin cooked my favourite roast chicken and tarte tatin and I was able to catch up with Suzi. It is so nice being able to see people without being breathless and on my last legs and it must be great for people to see.

Everyone says that I am transformed into the person I am rather than the one who can’t breathe. My new lungs are working to get the right amount of oxygen everywhere so I now have more colour and my brain is a bit sharper despite the previous paragraph; highs and lows as we speak!

I’ve started a sketchbook which I’m filling with little watercolours. It’s only 5” x 6”. I got some new pots from Jane which are always asking to be painted:

I’ve been preoccupied with coffee; we have a new very sophisticated coffee machine that automatically makes several types of coffee from espresso to macchiato with everything in between. Each one can be programmed individually so that coffee strength, temperature and volume and the same for milk can be just to your own preference.

For some unknown reason my taste has changed since my operation. I no longer enjoy my morning tea which I was almost obsessive about (I would only drink one blend from a shop in Kent). I don’t think my taste buds have got back to normal, either from from the after effects of the anaesthetic or perhaps more likely a side effect of one of my medications.

I have Papworth again this week; my 10 week appointment. I suppose 10 weeks isn’t that long given the magnitude of the surgery. This time I’ll have the usual spirometry, X-ray, bloods etc and a medication review. Then in another 2 weeks my 12 week bronchoscopy. 12 weeks seems to be some sort of landmark in the recovery process. I may be able to reduce my visits to Papworth after that if all is ok which will be a relief from the 2 hour each way journey.

Finally, this is another watercolour of the woodturner and another of Jane's pots in my studio:

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