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More autumn....

The week has gone by in a whirl, dominated by Papworth visit on Thursday and all things autumnal. This lovely oak is displaying it’s glorious copper foliage. The lanes are still gorgeous oranges and golds:

I painted my jug of autumn leaves:

Today I am rattling this off in a rush, keen to get something out. The morning was taken over by having to go for a blood test as well has having to explain to the doctors that I had somehow managed to lose a whole box of tablets that I picked up from the pharmacy on Friday. Rather disconcerting, but I have so many boxes of pills that I could have put it with the empties by mistake.

After Papworth on Thursday I got a call to say my potassium was too low and I had to get some prescribed ASAP by GP or A and E (!) ; anyway I sorted that with GP and had to get levels checked this morning. The potassium medication doesn’t agree with me at all. Or it may by it’s just adding another level to my other meds that my digestive system can’t cope with. It’s also an unpleasant fizzy drink. And I also got some nasty amphotericin lozenges to try to get rid of my mouth fungus.

Hopefully after my 12 week bronchoscopy I may be able to start reducing the steroids which are the cause of some of it. The potassium low is caused by the diuretic meds that I’m taking as I’m still retaining fluid after op. I’ve also been started on statins as the anti rejection meds increase cholesterol.

This morning at the surgery one of the GP’s asked if I’d like to talk to the student doctors, so of course I said yes as I am always eager to talk about my operation! So i'm going on Wednesday. I think i am the only transplant patient at the surgery, definitely the only double lung transplant. So I am becoming something of a celebrity there.

I’ve managed a bit more autumnal painting:

Yesterday we had a dinner just right for November. Martin persuaded me to eat partridge which I was sentimental about as we have such nice partridge families around here. But I cast that aside and we had delicious roast partridge with pancetta and porcini then a steamed maple syrup and vanilla pudding.

I acquired this lovely oil from Jane Wheeler last week:

I hope this isn't too disjointed; I hate being in a rush. I can feel my stress levels rising as I become more capable of being active, but I have no reason to be under pressure so it's ridiculous. Well I do feel a bit disjointed today due to all the to-ing and fro-ing to docs. i even forgot to take my Adoport (major anti-rejection drug) so took that an hour and a half late. And i'm determined to get to art this afternoon......

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