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Autumn pears

The autumn leaves are coming to an end so I've given my pear pictures first place.

This week we finally got round to putting some more of our paintings up which is satisfying and brings a bit more life to the kitchen. And the hall is less like a dark corridor with a nice Rosemary Vanns and a couple of Jane’s lovely pots:

I have managed a few watercolours this week but now that I have more energy I seem to be busily diverted into other things. Like going to the shops or running around having blood tests and seeing the GP. I spoke to the medical students at the surgery who were very interested in my transplant and of course I relish the opportunity to talk about it to anyone interested.

It still has an other worldly feel; my mind hasn’t caught up with my body yet, if it ever will! I think it’s the radical change; the GP was saying just that to the students; they rarely if ever see somebody with severe COPD having such a drastic change in condition.

I have my 12 week check and bronchoscopy at Papworth so that’s all day Thursday and a Friday taken up and hopefully no longer than that. I think the main risk for me is that they find more of the drug resistant bacteria in my lungs although there is the option of nebulised rather that IV antibiotics. I seem to have recovered ok from the cold I got which started on 21st October and still hasn’t cleared entirely. I was warned that as cold would last a long time.

Most of the weekend was taken up with making Christmas pudding as it was stir up Sunday yesterday. We are still steaming them today. Next is my mince meat and I’ve made my cake so just need to feed it. So nice to be able to feel excited about Christmas this year. Last year of course I was wondering if I’d even be here at all! I have my advent calendar ready and finger hovering over Michael Buble’s Christmas CD.

I think I am going to branch out into acrylics at art this afternoon. I sold 4 paintings at a the weekend including 3 of my little abstract oils so I think that’s inspired me to do some more abstracts, and acrylic is so much less messy than oils. Here are some more still lives I did this week:

And here are some more Rosemary Vanns who I would love to be able to paint like although her better work is prints rather than her oils:

I'm not sure why I am feeling so haphazard today; I wonder if it shows..... Some days I feel rushed and stressed for no real reason at all. Maybe just the change in circumstances. And perhaps Papworth weeks have their own particular anxieties running in the background. Well I am sure it will be fine and I'll be sitting at my Mac next Monday writing about it....

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