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Crispy kidneys

When it stops raining enough to go out it’s nice here; this is Morston which is always lovely and bleak.

The week was somewhat subsumed by my 2 days at Papworth. Pleased to say that was my 12 week and final biopsy. So a landmark of sorts. No sign of rejection which is the main thing in this critical 12 week period, although various things have taken a hit from the immunosuppressant and other drugs. Bone marrow and white blood cells are down and I have ‘crispy’ kidneys. In lay speak that means dry. I should be on a restaurant menu.

I’ve had to change some of my meds but apart form that it seems under control. And I feel fine.

I need the energy to start December off as I mean to go on. I have two advent calendars, one decorative and one with a delicious Alain Ducasse chocolate every day (from lovely Martin). I made the mistake of opening the window just now but didn’t think about having to wait for 2 hours staring at the chocolate so that my meds don’t get messed up. Ho hum, all the better for the wait though. I would definitely not pass that test they give children to see if they can defer gratification; something to do with predicting future bad behaviour or some such; a psychopath!

I’ve written out all our Christmas cards and bought all my presents although if you peak too early there is no spending fun so it can mean buying too much.... I have made a Christmas cake (just needs a couple of weeks more feeding with Grand Marnier before icing, Christmas pudding and have some mince pies in the oven already! Art group will be the beneficiaries this afternoon. Can't wait to get the tree, although if you get that too early it's truly dead by Christmas.

I have managed a couple of watercolours this week:

On Saturday we had a really good dinner with friends; champagne to celebrate my lungs, bagna cauda, roast chicken with various sauces; walnut, pickled beetroot, and sour cream for me as I’m not allowed yoghurt. I asked the transplant nurse about it and he said I could eat it ‘in a few years’ when my immune system is under control I guess. I can also get my Papworth tattoo (if I still want one) and more piercings should I want those.

There are still some leaves to be had in the lanes although everything has taken a battering from the wind and rain:

Art today will be interesting (hopefully). I’ve got my own acrylic paint but have no idea what I’m going to do. I'd be happy if I could paint like these deceptively simple Deborah Tarr’s:

But you can only ever look at paintings for inspiration. Trying to paint like someone else is pointless really and therefore dispiriting unless you’re wanting to make replicas. I kind of admire those forgers who can fool the artworld with a fake. Apparently there are plenty of them around, but as it’s all about the money it’s what they deserve.

I’m sure it was Anselm Kiefer who deliberately painted works that were too large to be exhibited as his way of not having to be part of the art fair merry go round.

I’ll be pleased to paint anything at all this afternoon.......

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