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February flowers

Lots of spring flowers appearing which i’m compelled to paint. Last week I did this abstract ‘after ‘ Joan Eardley which I both enjoyed doing and got more ‘likes’ than anything else:

I am starting to feel that I am gradually reducing fluid retention (yay) and my stomach has been less troublesome so that feels like progress. Although until I have my bloods done next week I won’t know the effect the diuretics have had on my kidneys. I am booked in for a Bronchoscopy but I hope i don’t need one. Until then I keep monitoring myself and hope I don't develop any more unwanted symptoms.

I've been taking my colomycin nebuliser once a day without any problems so maybe they will be persuaded not to do any more biopsies for now; my real reason for nor wanting one this time is so I can go and visit my friend Ann afterwards.

I hasn't been a very eventful week, John came to look at building a raised bed we have planned to grow veg in. I would like to grow things that are harder to get unless you’re in Marylebone eg castelfranco that lovely pink and green lettuce and Treviso, the long curly red one. And borlotti beans would be nice.

This week we are taking delivery of cat paraphernalia including a carrying bag and a giant litter tray. I bought him a small harness so he can go into the garden although M has doubts that Ralph will neither want to go in the harness or out into the garden.

The house seems to be taking forever to bring together: I am determined to replace the downstairs loo and paint it a nice dark mole’s breath maybe. But first have to find a high level cistern that doesn’t have hideous Victorian style curly metal brackets

I was disappointed that another visit form my sisters Pen and Lucy had to be delayed again due to germs. They seem to have had bugs all winter. Maybe they need to eat more meat. Perhaps a vegan diet isn’t up to the onslaught of viruses in London. I know that is a controversial and provocative question. Maybe I’m a VERM: vegan exclusionary radical meat eater 😄

I’ve been painting lots more snowdrops and some lovely little irises:

Today at art I might have another go at a Joan Eardley who has to be my artist of this week:

I love her seemingly looseness of style and scribble marks; she captures the essence of the landscape without being to representational or too abstract.

I am going to start writing about any particularly good meals we’ve had: they’ll be mostly at home as there aren’t many restaurants to go to round here and it is too nice to be hunkered in with the wood burner.

Yesterday we had a nice fat organic chicken shoved in the oven on it’s own apart from a lemon and a sprig or rosemary in it’s cavity. No need for any oil just a bit of seasoning. Then a plate of roasted vegetables- carrot, celeriac, squash, onion and chicory - with a miso and walnut sauce. Nice with the chicken juices too.

Also nice this week was an old favourite form Moro; fish with chickpeas and tahini. M’s carb reduction is making us eat much healthier I think. Although there's now the Alain Ducasse chocolate valentines hear to get through and we also couldn't help getting a sourdough ciabatta and a slice of scrumptious salty focaccia from our new bakery.

M is convinced that Ralph's arrival will mark a radical change in our lives; I am hoping he will just slip into our routine and be a nice companion. Weekend after next.........

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