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Here is a nice simple painting with some spring tulips.

It's difficult getting into blog mode after haring around this morning trying to get the surgery to organise the water ampules for my nebuliser . They prescribed the colomycin in vials but no water to go with it so a bit useless. And trying to get something quickly is always problematic. They don't like doing things that circumvent their processes, which of course begs the question why isn't there an easy process for getting those things done? Harrumph.

We had a bit of a Ralph- centric weekend with Lucy and Pen visiting. Ralph got overexcited with all the people and attention; he also had the run of the house which was perhaps a bit disorienting for him. Anyway he has settled in nicely and seems to like it here: lots of unfamiliar sights and sensations for him.

And he is so friendly and cuddly. Everything you want in a cat. He followed me into my studio and turned himself into a bowl:

I had my first Pilates session which I thought was promising in terms of it being something do-able and that can build muscle.

And no spiritual mumbo jumbo.So I will persevere with that although don't have another appt until Friday and of course haven't done any at home..

I've been painting whenever I can and I did a flower painting on canvas board which I am pleased with:

I collected 15 paintings form the framers on Saturday: here’s a few but they all look nice: getting ready for the pop up exhibition in Holt next month and for Open Studios in May /June.

They are all in a pale ash. And I’ve produced a few more fruit paintings::

Tomorrow I go to Papworth to see the psychologist and for a blood test while I’m there to check white cell count and kidney function. My lung function is mysteriously low according to my home readings as was the case when i had my appt 2 weeks ago.The colomycim night help I suppose if it gets rid of the pseudonomas bacteria that has colonised my lungs.

We went to the second film night at the village hall where we watched Official Secrets with Keira Knightly. about the Iraq war and the GCHQ whistleblower. A good film and a timely reminder of the tricks governments play. Other that that it's Masterchef on telly. I always enjoy it despite the irritations of Greg Wallace's insincerity and sliminess, and the contestants who can't cook. But I admire even those for their nerve to go on and cook under that pressure.

We had a vegan weekend due to guests but managed to eat well with a mushroom and squash dish umami'd up with miso and a dal. I also made that delicious pudding of caramelised brandy pears with marscapone (vegan coconut yoghurt and Oatly cream) and fennel and hazelnut tuiles. And chocolates form B Chocolat in Brighton. Not quite up to the dizzy heights of Alain Ducasse but I can highly recommend them. They do vegan ones and they're not too sweet.

Now I am off to art to paint some more spring flowers.

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