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This is our new vegetable patch which seemed to come together despite my random approach to buying vegetable plants ie couldn’t remember what or how many things I’d ordered. But we planted it up at the weekend and M erected the impressive netting cage.

So we are growing Treviso, borlotti and runner beans, beetroot, endive, purple sprouting broccoli, lettuce and tomatoes. I can’t wait for our first harvest.

I’ve decided that the only way through the lockdown is to focus inwards on all things homely. That has justified ordering an outdoor Morso wood burning oven, which I’ve mulled over for a long time.. But if we’re stuck at home for months - which I think we will be- we have the time and inclination to use it,

I’m looking forward to wood fired pizza and grilled everything in it. There is definitely a hint of.summer in the air. The garden is starting to promise things for summer and has some colour now from the tulips:

There is little else going on. The days follow a certain rhythm and they pass by with nothing to disrupt the peace. It is a peaceful time I suppose at least it is being shielded so nothing intrudes. We’ve done a bit of zoom socialising. The conversation is inevitably about the virus and lockdown. And in particular the governments' shambolic mismanagement.

It would be so refreshing to feel that we were being treated like adults and be allowed to know the ideas behind the decision making as well as to not be spun lies. Lies about testing, lies about PPE, and the downplaying of deaths in terms of overall numbers being a “success” not to mention the shocking lack of regard for care homes including the people who work in them.

Then there’s the story of Boris’s apparent near death experience; why would doctors be preparing to announce his death as he wasn’t even on a ventilator? Why was he in intensive so care at all given we were told he was sitting up watching his favourite films in there, and how did he recover so quickly?

That may be unfair but is an indication of my mistrust of everything that is happening.

So home is safer in every sense. I must turn my mind to shelves now as I need some more for my cookery book collection currently housed on the kitchen windowsill blocking the view onto the field. At least we can still shop for those.

This week I ended up buying some new makeup - not delivered yet as deliveries seem to take an age- including some bb cream with an spf 50 as I am now more susceptible to skin cancer due to immunosuppression.

Plus some blusher and lip balm. Seems crazy in some ways if I can’t go anywhere but I’ve always thought that I wear it for myself as much as anyone else. So I’ll enjoy it just as normal. We’re watching Killing Eve which I’m enjoying. Villanelle’s wardrobe seems even more fabulous; she definitely dresses for herself.

Most days include painting; I’ve been taking inspiration from the garden:

The online exhibition is still being put together and I have just been approached by somebody starting an online shop who wants to buy some paintings upfront, which is great!

This weeks paintings are by Adrian Heath whose colour and abstraction I like;

Ralph has had two ticks that luckily M took control of with his tick remover. We’ve got him some ointment which is supposed to prevent them taking up residence. He mostly stays inside but loves coming out into the garden when we’re there, but occasionally disappears all night which I hate as I worry about where he is.

I am so used to him following me around that I miss him when he doesn’t even though it’s a pain when he tries to eat my toothbrush. He seems to like toothpaste and he also barges in to drink from the tap when it’s running.

I have no lung updates as the situation remains the same with lockdown and no hospital appointments. Who knows when I will be able to get a check up at Papworth. I would feel much better if I was able to be monitored as usual.

As is routine blog day as also laundry day so what with that, a bike ride maybe and some painting that’s my day gone.

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