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Of mice and men

One of only two flower paintings this week; the dahlias are still going strong despite the weekends battering.

We had a very busy weekend at Cley despite the weather. Or even because of, as all the usual activities like walking and birdwatching were rained off.

It does make a very nice exhibition as we are all very different and there are some very nice paintings. I am still exhibiting in Norwich and in Richard’s shop as well. We are going to continue Cley once a month for the foreseeable apart from the horrible wasteland of Jan and Feb.

The photo doesn't do it justice; it does look rather more professional IRL.The Digby’s who do the Norwich exhibition as have offered me a solo show next year which is a boost.

I had my second cataract done last week but I have to wait 6 weeks for an eye test so will have to wait longer before I get the right glasses and see really properly. Everything does look so much nicer now that I don’t have a cloudy film to look through.

I have Papworth tomorrow which I hope will just be getting evidence of progress. I have managed to draft a letter to my donor family which one of the the transplant team nurses will help me with. I guess they have lots of experience of sending the letters and I would think they do read them all. If only to confirm that nobody has included names etc.

It certainly feels the right thing to do but is strangely hard to write without knowing who they are or the circumstances. Although I assume that they are asked whether they want to receive anything. All I will ever know is the donors age and gender, but I haven’t asked that yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Well autumn most definitely arrived on Friday with dreadful winds that brought down loads of trees with associated road closures and power cuts. We were only off for a couple of hours last night when they were repairing something but friends were off for hours.

Including friends who fed us some delicious pigeon on Saturday. We have had partridge too with blackberries from the hedgerow, although they are smaller and a bit bullet like compared to plump supermarket ones or is it just this year’s? I’m not even that tempted to make jam with them.

I have just been distracted by Ralph bringing a large mouse into the kitchen. He carries it in his mouth and bats it with his paw and chases it around rather than seeming to want to harm it or eat it. But of course the poor little mouse is terrified; Ralph's paw is as big as the mouse. M valiantly came to the rescue and got bitten by the mouse!

The joys of country living I suppose. Although I’m glad I’m here and not in a city with covid threatening to cull us all again. No political diatribe today though although I am tempted to hurl myself against the government’s incompetence, mendacity and crookery.

I have only done a couple of flower paintings this week:

I particularly like the pink straggly ones in the main pic. I’m quite enjoying trying landscapes but haven't done any more that I'm happy with. Not sure what has kept me so busy apart from my cataract op and an hour of Pilates. I do quite enjoy that as it doesn’t feel too hellish and is not at all sweaty; also you do most of it lying down which suits me fine.

My teacher is very chatty and the hour passes pleasantly quickly. That said it’s not without some effort and pain! I’m sure it is good for all over fitness and core strength which is what I need.

Now I must do some painting before the day gets away. Here are some landscapes that I like by Malcolm Taylor.

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